Top 5 Fixes To Focus On...

Getting The Best BANG For Your Buck-

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re getting ready to put your home on the real estate market.  After all, a plethora of books have been devoted to the subject, and each one has a to-do list that could intimidate even the most organized of sellers.  Take heart, though, because many experts agree on five relatively inexpensive repairs or renovations that won't blow your budget to bits or cause your stress level to skyrocket.  They will, however, enable you to sell your home more quickly and get top dollar for it.  Take a deep breath, relax, and know that these suggestions will make your experience a bit easier.


1.  Painting

Many experts rate painting the house inside and out right up there with cleaning on the importance scale.  Usually the cost of the paint is lower than the value a paint job adds to the house. This may even hold true if you opt to hire a professional to do it.  Keep in mind, $20 of paint is worth $1,000 on the wall!  Either way, opt for light, neutral colors and paint every room the same color.


2.  Replacing Carpet

Think your carpet looks okay and needn’t be replaced?  Think again.  Many experts agree that carpet may need to be replaced if it’s over a year old.  Take out worn, dated or outlandish-colored carpet and replace it with a tight weave in a neutral color.  Lighter colors will make the room appear larger.  Carpet needn’t be expensive to improve the look of the house, be attractive to a buyer, and pay for itself with a higher selling price.


3.  Landscaping

Putting some time and effort into landscaping your property goes a long way towards improving the curb appeal (the first impression a prospective buyer has when he pulls up to the house.)  With landscaping there’s a direct trade-off between time and money.  You get more for your money when you have the time to plant grass seed instead of sod or purchase smaller plants and let them grow into maturity.  Sod costs more but is instantly green.  Seeds cost less but take more time.  An inexpensive way to add color to the yard is to clear out dead foliage or grass and replace it with flowering plants.  Make sure you add some fresh topsoil and mulch around the flower beds.  Don’t forget to prune shrubs so they stay healthy, and mulch around them to stave off weeds.  After putting effort into improving the landscaping, remember to maintain it with regular watering, fertilizer and edging.


4.  Driveway Repair

While we’re talking about curb appeal, it’s time to mention the importance of your driveway.  It is, after all, what the buyers will see when they first arrive!  While a good driveway isn’t likely to evoke exclamations of joy, a bad driveway creates an initial bad impression that will have to be reversed.  It’s better to repair the driveway.  Buyers will see oil and rust stains, broken pieces and cracks, so it’s best to clean and repair as much as possible. 


5.  Enhancing the Front Door Area

The front door is the entrance into what could be the prospective buyers’ new home so it needs to be clean, in good repair and inviting in appearance.  Often, a new hardwood door – which can run between $1,000 to over $2,000 – can upgrade the entire appearance of the entryway, giving it a stately look.  However, if nothing else, give the door a good scrubbing and a couple coats of paint.

Fix squeaky or sticky hinges, make sure door knobs work well, double check the doorbell and replace light bulbs.  It doesn’t hurt to put out a new welcome mat and add a potted plant for color – you want to beckon visitors to come inside your sparkling clean home!


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