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Thank you for considering MVP Property Pros, LLC. in your search for a home to rent. Every property will be rented to the best qualified applicant. Applications are screened as quickly as possible, but timing depends greatly on your ability to respond to our requests for additional information and availability of your references for interview. MVP will continue to screen applications received at our discretion until we have chosen the best qualified applicant.

After notification of approval, the applicant(s) has one (1) business day to pay the holding fee (equal to 25% of first month's rent). The property will not be held until the holding fee is received. After paying the holding fee, the applicant(s) has up to seven (7) days to schedule and sign the lease.

A lease signing takes approximately forty-five (45) minutes to complete. An appointment during office hours will be necessary. At the lease signing, the holding fee will be applied to the full first month’s rent. The remaining rent, deposits and applicable fees are due at lease signing. Access to the property will be granted to the new tenant and a move-in condition report completed on the agreed-upon lease commencement date. The holding fee is refundable if the property cannot be delivered to applicant for rent. If applicant decides not to rent the property for any reason, the holding fee is NOT refundable.

Rental Qualification Standards
Qualifying as a tenant is based on the following criteria:
1) Positive Identification: Applicant is required to provide a government issued picture identification.
2) Income: Gross monthly income should be a minimum of three (3) times the amount of rent.
a. Income can be verifiable through LES, pay stubs, employer contact, or tax records.
3) Positive Credit Report: 600+ Credit Score. Bankruptcies in filing will not be accepted. Active collections and/or accounts closed with balances due may also disqualify.
4) Positive Rental or Home Ownership History: Prior evictions will not be accepted.
5) Employment Longevity: Six (6) months minimum.
6) Criminal History: This may cause denial of tenancy.
Failure to meet any of these qualification standards may require Adverse Action (see below) or result in denial.

Rental Application Guidelines
A separate rental application must be completed accurately and as completely as possible by each person eighteen (18) years old or older who will reside on the property. Any willful misinformation constitutes basis for rejection of the application. Each application will need to be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $50.

Screening your application includes calling your employer, former landlords and financial institutions. By signing the application for tenancy, you have authorized these agencies to release information for us to evaluate your application. If we deny tenancy based on the information provided by our screening agency, you have the right to contact that agency directly to determine and dispute the accuracy of the information provided. We are not required to release or disclose information provided by such agency except as required by The Fair Housing Act 15 U.S.C.sec 1681 et. Seq..

Adverse Action Options
If applicant cannot meet one or more of the rental standards; adverse actions may be considered. A qualified co-signer, double deposit, triple deposit, and/or allotment may be required. A Property Manager will determine which option will be required to complete the application process.

If a co-signer is required, he/she must be a legal resident in the same county as the rental property and provide a completed application with fee. Co-signers not residing in same county must be approved on a case-by-case basis by owner of property.

Application will be denied by MVP Property Pros, LLC. if information supplied does not meet Rental Qualification Standards and Adverse Action Options cannot be applied.