Defrost and clean refrigerator inside and outside (do not unplug).

Spray and clean oven, oven racks, stove drip pans, knobs, hood and fan.

Clean all cabinets and drawers inside and out; wipe out all food spillage.

Unload and clean dishwasher, inside and outside; clean around seal.

Clean light fixtures, electrical wall plates, and replace light bulbs as needed.

Clean and mop floor; clean floor molding.

Wipe all walls and ceilings removing any grease, stains, food splatter or scum.



Clean bathtubs and showers, sinks, faucets, fans, medicine cabinets, mirrors, counters, drawers, woodwork, toilets, light fixtures, electrical wall plates, and replace bulbs as needed.

Clean and mop floors; clean floor moldings.

Wipe all walls, ceilings, windows and sills removing any mildew or scum.



Clean all closets, doors, door tracks, light fixtures & shelves; replace light bulbs as needed.


Throughout Home

Remove nails, etc, from walls.

Clean all windows and screens; replace damaged screens and windows.

Vacuum all carpet. Dust drapes / curtains / blinds.

Where applicable, clean and sweep out fireplace or wood stove, hearth and mantle.

Clean all remaining light fixtures, electrical wall plates; replace all burned-out bulbs.

Clean all molding, shelving, and wood paneling, if any.

Dust and vacuum wall heaters; check for and clean any cobwebs (floor to ceiling).

Wash all walls and ceilings with clean soap, rinse thoroughly.

Pick up, sweep and clean all balconies, patios, walk ways and driveways.

Thoroughly clean out all garage, parking and storage areas.

Pick up and dispose of all miscellaneous waste, debris, garbage, etc.

Where applicable, mow, weed, trim shrubs so they are not touching any structures.



Drapes and carpets must not show water markings, stains, tears, burn holes, animal damage, odors such as smoking, urine, incense or other neglect, not previously documented on the check list.

New chips and scratches in enameled appliances, sinks, counters and woodwork will be assessed charges for damages.

We need to confirm your final utilities payment to the City has been made before we can release your deposit. Please make your final payment to the City at the time you terminate your services with them.

Do not paint or make repairs to sheet rock without approval of Landlord.