Our core values are many. But the ones our clients say they know us for most are Honesty, Trust, Professionalism, Communication, and Dependability. Do these words resonate with you? If so, you might make a great MVP Realty Group Broker!


Here are just a few of the things MVP has to offer.

  • A modern office building centrally located with easy access to Interstate 5, plenty of parking, state of the art work and meeting spaces, and scan, print, copy services.
  • A dedicated staff that treat you like family as well as business partners.
  • An experienced Designated Broker who has your back with continual education and when things get complicated.
  • File auditing and transactional support with a client care system that makes you referable.
  • Apps and tools empowering you to serve your clients like a professional, career broker rather than a fly-by-night Gmail agent.
  • A broker profile page on the MVP website that links your clients and their home search to you and you to them in our robust CRM, allowing you to work beside them in their homebuying journey.
  • Tried and true relationship building systems, materials, and support.
  • A company that does pretty much everything. Keep your clients coming back because there is virtually nothing you can't help them with when it comes to real estate. Take a look at Everything MVP Realty Group Does.


We Keep It Simple

Many firms make their compensation plans so complicated that you need an app to figure it out. Here at MVP, we keep it simple. 75%. You receive 75% of the firm's compensation earned on each sale.

Prefer to work with only buyers? Great! Just refer sellers to our expert MVP Sales and Marketing Team and flip the compensation. You'll receive 25% of the firm's compensation earned just for making the introduction. No ongoing work or investment. You can keep your focus on serving your buyer clients and, because MVP consistently beats market average sale prices, everyone profits more, including our clients!

Could you uses a few more buyer clients to serve? We could use your help. We love working as a team to make sure all our clients succeed. You may be offered opportunities to act as Buyer Specialist to MVP clients for a simple 25% referral fee.

And... yeah. That's it. Simple! No franchise fees. No transaction fees. 75%.

Of course, as an independent contractor you are responsible for all your own costs associated with being a licensed Realtor. A basic overview of those costs can be found HERE.