Executive Assistant | Listing & Transaction Coordinator


Our busy CEO and Designated Broker, Matthew Plummer, is in need of an Executive Assistant to do more than just answer phones, maintain files, and keep his schedule. This role touches almost every aspect of our company because Mr. Plummer is responsible for the oversight of everything. This makes it imperative his time is spent doing those things only he can do; minimizing the amount of time he spends doing things other capable people, like you, can successfully complete. So, there's no limit to what you may be asked to learn or do, big or small -- prepare contracts or prepare lunch.



At MVP Realty Group, our mission is to help people buy, sell, and build wealth through real estate. We do this by helping people prepare for and achieve homeownership, realize full return on the sale of their home investment, counsel them on their financial decisions and manage their assets. We work tirelessly and use our individual and unique talents and abilities toward delivering on this mission in such a way that turns clients into advocates, earning their repeat and referral business. In return MVP Family Members receive generous compensation, medical and dental benefits, paid time off, and a company matched retirement plan.


  • Anticipate and respond to Mr. Plummer's day-to-day needs, from special projects to running errands and everything in between. 
  • Manage Mr. Plummer's email and phone communications, exercising judgment to reflect  his style and MVP’s values and policies, keeping with established processes and protocols. This will require some limited time outside of normal business hours responding to messages. 
  • Address all client care and transaction coordination tasks and questions in a timely manner. 
  • Schedule calls and appointments 
  • Keep detailed notes and documents in the appropriate online systems. 
  • Carefully discern and minimize messages relayed on to Mr. Plummer, keeping his focus on legal consultation, contract negotiation, and new business opportunities.    
  • Prepare listing document packages and follow up to completion. 
  • Build/input MLS listings. 
  • Proactively contact, build rapport with, and serve clients transacting business with MVP using phone, video messaging, text and email, ensuring they stay informed and feel cared for. 
  • Establish the listing readiness schedule and coordinate prep services like cleaning, repairs, photos, and pricing strategy with Listing Broker. 
  • General research and answer-finding using vast resources and people inside and outside of MVP, such as lenders, escrow, title, contractors, inspectors, etc., to connect clients with the information they seek. 
  • Audit all transaction files for completeness in documentation prior to Closing and commission disbursement. 
  • Listen, ask for, and field new business opportunities (listings, buyers, property management), capture information in appropriate systems, and set/ensure follow-up for the best chance of securing. 
  • Implement, organize, and maintain weekly, monthly, and annual marketing systems such as mail, email, social media, web site, classes, and special events. 
  • Assist CEO to identify, research, organize, improve, and create new marketing and operational systems. 
  • Be available as needed outside of regular business hours for urgent or emergency situations that require immediate attention. 
  • Maintain an exceptional level of professionalism and confidentiality. 
  • Manage front desk and greet guests.
  • Other projects and duties as assigned.


  • Exceptional computer and online application skills. Not afraid to poke around and figure it out when not sure how to get the system to do what you want.
  • Highly organized with an exceptional ability to prioritize. 
  • Ability to adapt quickly and reprioritize when the priorities, needs, and schedule of the CEO change. 
  • The ability to manage a variety of projects and tasks simultaneously. 
  • Capable of processing information and direction quickly, thinking critically, and problem solving. 
  • Strong desire to learn new things and improve. 
  • Common sense and good judgment, knowing when to take action independently and when to consult the CEO. 
  • Ability to work independently. 
  • Determined to keep everything possible off the CEOs desk and capable of sound high-level decision-making regarding what should and should not make it to the CEO’s desk. 
  • Handles confidential and highly sensitive information with impeccable integrity. 
  • Establishes rapport quickly with people from all walks of life and professionals at all levels within organizations, while maintaining important boundaries. 
  • Enjoys using phone and video to communicate a high level of care for people. 
  • Understands that the demands of this role are unique and has an impeccable work ethic. 
  • Appreciation that no task is too large or too small if it helps accomplish the mission.  
  • 2 years experience in the real estate or mortgage industry preferred with past participation, start-to-finish, in at least 12 real estate transactions. 
  • Current or past Real Estate Broker or Managing Broker License helpful, or ability to obtain one. 
  • Driver's license with acceptable record, reliable, clean vehicle, and auto insurance.


Position is on-location in the MVP corporate offices and open until filled. 

1219 11th Ave SE 

Olympia, WA 98501 




Inquire with us in a way you believe will elicit the most positive response.