Craig Gunn

Managing Broker


For Craig Gunn, few things compare to the feeling he gets when he sits behind the wheel of one of his customized cars. From the smell of the leather, to the booming audio system, to the sweet sparkle of the wheels and exhaust pipe - each intricate detail represents hours upon hours of diligent attention to detail. But for Craig it’s a labor of love. As someone who isn’t afraid to dig into a challenge, Craig will tell you the end results of his efforts make it all worthwhile.  If you’re in the market to make a move, there’s nothing more comforting than working with a real estate professional who is personally invested in your success! Craig Gunn is that professional.


Craig’s hands on approach to life has been the key to his achievements in the business world. During his years in food management, Craig worked 50-plus hour weeks to ensure budget systems, sales and employee efficiency were on target. But as a devoted family man, he was soon forced to re-evaluate his priorities. With his keen business insights, strong work ethic and passion for digging in and immersing himself in the task at hand, real estate was a natural fit for him. Not surprisingly, Craig has since become an industry leader known for providing the highest level of service to clients.


"As a 65 year old widow moving cross country from FL to WA with my disabled son, I needed a realtor with reliability, expertise, and honesty. That was all found with Craig Gunn and more!"

— Karen

"Craig Gunn is an amazing realtor! He was very knowledgeable about the areas we were looking into and answered every question I could think of. "

— Caressa

"I bought my first home with Craig. He had referred me to a great lender. Everything went seamless. I plan on using Craig for all my other real estate adventures in the future. Great Person!!!"

— Nicole