If you need to sell but the property is not in show-ready condition, here are some ways we can take the lead and turn your STRESS into SUCCESS!

Option 1: Investor Cash Out

When you just want to walk away and not deal with the hassle of repairs and buyers picking apart your home in inspection, MVP may be able to line up an investor to cash you out with an as-is sale! Just take the items you want from the home and WALK AWAY! We'll do the rest!

Carol - May 2017

Carol had a couple properties to sell after her husband passed away. It was an overwhelming process. She didn't want to deal with repairs necessary to bring this old rental into a condition that could be financed by a potential buyer. Minimum items necessary for financing included - kitchen appliances, new flooring throughout, drywall repair, addressing soft spots in the floor of the dining room and bathroom, rotten boards, blown window seals, mold-remediation in bedroom, replacing wall heaters in bedrooms, cabinet repair, and so much more! MVP purchased the property as-is, with cash to close quickly. She didn't have to clean out left over items or lift another finger (except to sign paperwork and cash her proceeds)!





Option 2: Investment Partnership

If you have the time and money, we can be your guide to plan and connect you with great resources to make the updates you need to achieve TOP DOLLAR when you put your home on the market! Some clients want the best possible outcome but don't have the cash for improvements. Let MVP Partner with you!

We can examine the market, the needs of the home, and the equity available. MVP could be your investment partner - paying cash for the improvements UP FRONT, making it more likely to get HIGHER profits in your sale! MVP can help coordinate repairs, renovations, and may even invest in the up-front costs*! In partnership together, you'll receive more at the closing table than in an as-is sale.  

Zach and Daniela - Dec 2020

For Zach and Daniela, we were able to do just that! A quick assessment of the home revealed a need for all new flooring throughout. With no cash on hand, MVP helped with the initial investment, researched the inventory for top price and prepared the home for market. With the home in top shape, we were able to get the owner $25,000 above asking price! Something that wouldn't have been possible with damaged flooring, even in a strong seller's market.


Dave - June 2020

One of our top referring clients, Andrea Huff with Lifetime Legal, connected us with Dave who needed to sell his mom's home and move her in with him - half way across the United States! He was overwhelmed at how to accomplish this, until he met with MVP.



Dave packed up his mom and only a small trailer of the belongings she wanted to keep and dropped his keys with MVP. First step - empty home! Next came a complete interior paint job, all new carpet, refinish hardwood floors, DEEP CLEANING, leak repair, new roof, and new landscaping all around - ALL overseen and coordinated by MVP.



The results were absolutely beautiful! We had the home professionally photographed, researched the local market, and listed it for top market price and it sold in just 15 days! 

What might have been a $380,000 home, MVP turned into a half million dollar home! 

Jennifer - Oct 2020

Wanting the most profit out of her sale, we helped Jennifer with plans for improvements. We examined which updates would get the best return on investment and which ones could be skipped in this particular market. We helped coordinate hardwood floor refinishing, interior and exterior paint, new carpets, plumber, electrician, cleaning company, and a brand new roof! With the home looking sparkly and new again, we were able to sell the home that would have been under $400k for top dollar at $460,000!


MVP can help you maximize the return on your investment! Call to learn how we can help with your unique situation - 360-915-9123.