Winning Entry

Dear Home,

Thank you for being my safe place. When I am tired from a long day at school, I can turn to you for a warm, quiet place to complete my homework. When I am sweaty and exhausted from hours of ballet rehearsals, I can collapse inside your four walls. When a global pandemic rages outside, I am safe on your couch reading a book.

I have never spent as much time at home as I did last spring. At first, I enjoyed the break from everyday chaos that I had by relaxing at home. As the stay-at-home orders extended though, I became restless. You could say the relationship I had with my home was love-hate. I would jump from feelings of pure joy from the idea of getting to spend another day reading comfortably inside, to feelings of anxiousness due to consistently moving furniture around my room, in an attempt to ease my boredom.

But Home, the love I have for you will always outweigh any other feelings. I love that you protect me from the elements, intruders, and viruses. I love that I can slide and dance across the kitchen floor in crazy colorful socks, without judgment. I love that I can let go of stress and simply be myself when we are together.

It will be an adjustment, to say the least, to be leaving you in a few months. Seven hundred miles is not too far of a journey though, right? I will be sure to tell you all about my adventures in my new home in California. But do not worry, you will never be forgotten or replaced. Because of you, I've grown up content, joyful, and out of harm's way. I could not forget, nor could I thank you enough for being my safe space. I know that when I need a place of serenity and familiarity I can always come back to you.

For me, my family completes you. As long as I have holiday tunes playing over the kitchen speakers at Christmas, can join my parents and brother sampling sugar cookies in the winter, and savor family dinners on the back porch in the summer, Home, you will always be my refuge.

Much love,

Cassie -- from the room with the four purple walls, second door on the left.


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