MVP Fall Contests

Fall Contest Guidelines

Happy October!! With October comes MVP Realty Group's annual Fall Contests. We will be hosting another kid's pumpking carving contest and a fall centerpiece contest for the adults.  Guidelines for the contests are listed below.
Entries are due by October 31st and must be submitted via email to

  • Submissions must include a close-up picture of the entry and a photo of you with your entry.
  • Include your full name and mailing address with the submission.
  • One pumpkin entry per child, one centerpiece entry per household.
  • Free hand designs are preferred but Carving Kits & pattern entries will also be accepted.
  • Entries will be judged on Overall Appearance, Originality, and Creativity.
  • All entries will be displayed on our blog.
  • Entries due by October, 31st 2017.
  • By entering you are authorizing MVP to publish your name and photo on the internet.

The winners will be selected and announced by November 5th! Prizes include:
Pumpkin Winner: 2 passes to BoomShaka Trampoline Park in Olympia.
Centerpiece Winner: Dinner and a movie for 2. Restaurant of your choosing.