Governor Inslee Extends Eviction Moratorium


In case you missed it in the news, Governor Inslee extended the eviction moratorium. It was set to expire on March 31st, but has been extended through June 30th.


What does this mean for you, as an owner? You cannot move a tenant out, even if they do not pay rent. You cannot change terms to your lease, like raising rent, etc. You cannot charge late fees or any other fees - including if a tenant moves out prior to their lease expiring. If a tenant does not pay rent, we can still communicate with them, as usual. We can provide a worksheet to help make a repayment plan. Just because they don't pay rent and we can't evict, doesn't relieve them of the debt.


The only ways (at the time of this posting) to move a tenant out of your property is 1) as the owner, you can give a 60-day notice to move back into the property as your PRIMARY residence or 2) you can give a 60-day notice that you intend to sell the home. If you find yourself in this situation, we can help you through that process. 


Many of our owners are wondering when they will be able to raise rents to keep up with the rise in their own expenses. We understand and we are watching the changes as they come and will keep you posted!


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