It's time for MVP Realty Group's annual food, fund and clothing charity drive and pie giveaway!! 

We will be collecting non-perishable food items for Thurston County Food Bank and warm clothing for St. Vincent de Paul during the month of November. Call us by Monday the 20th to notify of your donation and to pick your pie: Apple or Pumpkin. Then drop off your donations at our new office location, 1219 11th Ave SE, Olympia, and pick up your pie on Tuesday November 21st between 12pm and 6:30pm. Pie reservations must be made by Monday the 20th.

Guidelines for donations:

Before you embark on the task of collecting food items, consider this alternative: Cash! Fund donations reach far and wide as Thurston County Food Bank uses cash to purchase items in bulk. This food is available at a deep discount. Cash aside, we are welcoming all non-perishable food items and warm clothing donations. Please make sure donations are undamaged before donating. 

  • We cannot accept expired or partially used/opened food items
  • All clothing donations  must be in decent shape - no holes, rips, stains, tears etc...
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept perishable items (fresh produce, dairy, raw meat etc...) but your CASH donation will allow the Food Bank to purchase these items.

Food Donation Ideas/ Most Needed Items: 

  • High protein food such as canned chili, peanut butter, beans, or canned meat are highly desirable items.
  • Pasta and macaroni and cheese.
  • Basic staples such as flour, sugar, coffee, cereal etc...
  • Canned fruits and vegetables.
  • Soup/stew/broths
  • Baby food, baby cereal, and formula.
  • Small packages (1-6) of paper towels, toilet paper etc...
  • Warm clothing, shoes and winter accessories (gloves, hats, scarfs etc...)