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Executive Assistant | Listing & Transaction Coordinator

Our busy CEO and Designated Broker, Matthew Plummer, is in need of an Executive Assistant to do more than just answer phones, maintain files, and keep his schedule. This role touches almost every aspect of our company because Mr. Plummer is responsible for the oversight of everything. This makes it imperative his time is spent doing those things only he can do; minimizing the amount of time he spends doing things other capable people, like you, can successfully complete. So, there's no limit to what you may be asked to learn or do, big or small -- prepare contracts or prepare lunch. 



Licensed Brokers

Considering a change in your real estate career? Or, perhaps just getting started in the exciting world of real estate?  We’re always on the hunt for the best people to serve our MVP clients! We hire the kind of people you want to work with: those who are big thinkers, passionate, compassionate, always curious, imaginative, collaborative, and ambitious.

Please contact Matthew Plummer at 360-339-8548 to inquire or email your resume to

Not yet a licensed broker but want to be? Check out the Real Estate courses at Rockwell Institute. You'll even get a discount for registering through our site!

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